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Thanks to the Internet, there is a wealth of information available to HOA members, directors, and managers. Here are some useful websites: As general principle, it is a self-feeding cycle whereby unjust, proHOA laws serve to further create unjust judicial precedent. This is the primary cause of the failure to obtain justice for homeowners in HOAs”

– Main site for other useful links assisting Homeowners. – Major Lobbying group seeking legislative changes to assist Homeowners Great National Network and resource guide for HOAs and members.
• The first place to look is on the North Carolina General Assembly website. Here you can look up the laws that govern homeowners’ associations in North Carolina. Chapter 47C of the statutes governs condominiums. Chapter 47F governs single-family communities (or planned communities) and townhomes. Chapter 55A governs non-profit corporations, which is important because most HOAs are established as nonprofit corporations. You can find specific statutes and you can look up the status of pending legislation affecting homeowners’ associations.
• Another helpful website is offered by the Community Association Institute (CAI). There is an enormous amount of information on this site, including lots of free articles and for-purchase manuals. CAI also conducts training and certification courses for professional community association managers. North Carolina and South Carolina also have their own state chapters.
• The website of HOA-USA offers summaries of state HOA laws, articles on topics of interest to HOAs, and a resource guide with listings of management companies, accountants, banks, attorneys, construction companies, and other vendors offering services to HOAs.
• The website maintained by the North Carolina Secretary of State is also a good resource. Go there to to look up your HOA to see if it is incorporated and in good standing with the state. You can also download your HOA’s corporate documents that have been filed with the state, such as the articles of incorporation.
“Top 11 Issues on Living in Condos” written by Gail Pizetoski, CPA, CMCA, AMS, and founder of Condo Smart, an organization created to provide important information for potential home buyers in condominium and homeowners associations.

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