ROYDEN DENIES BOOKS AND RECORDS REVIEW -2019 ANNUAL MEETING CHALLENGE- The Royden HOA, through Ron Arrington, on August 16. 2019, took over 4 months from the April 6. 2019, unauthorized and illegal Annual meeting, to announce the voting results for the new PLANNED COMMUNITY based covenants, replacing Royden’s over 33 year old “non-profit corporation based” covenants. There can be only two reasons for the time delay and total lack of detail of the voting results. These are: Rinaldi’s POINTS OF ORDER OBJECTIONS (7) and VOTER HARVESTING. 1) POINTS OF ORDER OBJECTIONS- my challenge, to the propriety of the call for the Annual meeting, on April 6, 2019 and the (7) seven points of order, made without recognition, per Robert’s Rules of Order, and NC Law, clearly indicating that the meeting and all agenda items were null and void. The Royden HOA Board minutes clearly lied to the Royden Homeowner’s in reporting under 2. Call to Order….”without specifying a specific violation”…As shown in my prior emails, seven (7)Points of order, with over 20 violations, were presented before and during the meeting, in writing and verbalized during the meeting. Per Robert’s Rules, Points of order, in objection to a meeting, do not require recognition by the presiding officer and must be immediately addressed before the meting can proceed. As they reported, the meting proceeded illegally without addressing the objections. Our Books and Records Review will hopefully show that the RHA Board sought Legal Counsel on the clearly stated Points of Order and any conclusions made on the motion. Given the lawless history of this group, and general practices of similar “rogue HOA’s”, the HOA proceeds even if action is illegal, with the knowledge that most Homeowners, like Royden, have little interest in fighting the HOA and the associated legal cost leverage . 2) VOTER HARVESTING -The Royden HOA Board, as they did in past voting on covenant changes, engaged in “VOTER HARVESTING” after the close of voting on April 6, 2019. VOTER HARVESTING involves assigning homeowner names, of nonvoters, to board members, after the close of voting (April 6, 2019) and having them make personal calls to solicit a post-closing date vote. Minutes from the last covenant election shows that this malpractice was employed and most likely was employed again this time around. I have asked to be allowed a BOOKS AND RECORDS REVIEW as provided in the by-laws and have been denied. My review request was limited to three years of all Royden HOA minutes and financial information. Note, in violation of NC Law, Royden has not provided Full Fiscal Year Financial Reports for the past two fiscal years. Also, the prior Financial Reports do not comply with NC Law and the Royden Covenants. As I have been sanctioned, by a judge, favorable to HOA’s. in the past, there is a risk that, even though I will be filing a new claim, failure to allow books and records review, I run the risk of being sanctioned again. I therefore may need just one, yes just one other homeowner to sign the complaint form only. Please consider assisting me in this simple challenge. Once we secure access to the books and records, we will be able to confidently proceed with whatever outcome this review confirms…WASTHE APPROVAL OF THE PLANNED COMMUNITY COVENANTS LEGAL…..OR ILLEGAL……A very important foundation to what I believe will be an even more lawless reign by an unscrupulous group of individuals….Sorry, but their past record is clear….Our homeowner’s have just elected to “not get involved”. We’ll see if this attitude prevails once the Board’s unilateral power is used for fines and wasteful spending projects. Richard A. Rinaldi-The Vexatious Litigant