We’re baaaaaaaaack! Hope all neighbors and readers have had a great summer. With summer over, we will again resume our newsletter.
Much to the dismay of the Royden HOA Board of Directors’, we’re sure.

Our newsletter and blog,, will resume our advocacy, on behalf of individual homeowners’ by education
and awareness of issues facing them in their fight against “corrupt” HOAs’, spotlighting the Royden HOA, in particular.
In lieu of our normal extended treatises, we will now focus on weekly or biweekly entries.

This weeks’ entry is entitled “The Owensby Orbs”.An unwanted legacy!
Examining our past articles, you now know that the fundamental flaw, with the current Royden HOA Boards’ administration, for over 10 years, relates to the original1987 covenants.
After years of gross violations, to the basic controlling covenant, entitled Article IV-Covenant for Maintenance Assessments, the non-elected, self appointed Boards, have engaged
in an orchestrated cover-up, defined by their Attorney, Michael Hunter of Horrack Talley et al.
The Cover-up, Scandal and eventual Corruption, prohibits the current Board, from openly admitting their mistakes and issuing consolidated covenants that codify the original 1987 and 1994 merger documents for the existing three subdivisions (Phase I/II, III and IV)
We have reported, that for over 10 years, there have been multiple violations of NC Law under the General Statutes -55A related to financial reporting,
no cash flow bank reconciliation accounting, improper amendment procedures, improper fiscal reserve control,
deceptive minute reporting and Director fraud……… The litany of violations have been unreported to the members and misrepresented, by the Royden Boards, in several legal actions.
Fiscal reserves mismanagement continues to be a major violation of Article IV. Under the 10% Contingency Reserve Clause, in Article IV, total Cash, from all sources, are limited to less than $3,000.00.
The Royden Boards have consistently had reserves well over $35,000.00,
in spite of the reality that there HAS NEVER BEEN A NEED FOR RESERVES SINCE THE HOA WAS ESTABLISHED back in 1987!!!!! Never!!!!!!! So why have all this money hanging around!!!!
And without final year end Bank Statement reconciliation!!!!! Hello!!!! Where are the Bankers’ in this community!!!! OH, That’s right…The treasurer, Ben Pleune, is a LAWYER!!!!
See why the Directors re-appoint themselves to the board, uncontested!!!!!

For this weeks issue, we will focus on “The Owensby Orbs!-An unwanted Legacy!!!!
As shown in the attached two photos, the front entrance on the Moorland Drive, owned by our easement holders (Right Side) has NO ORB!!!! or BALL!!!
On the other side, or left side, we have the Owensby Orb (Large BALL!)….Why?????? and who is Dr. Charlton Owensby!!!!!
These physical structures, are a constant reminder, to all residents, of the failures of the Royden HOA, in the simple administration
of Article IV-Covenant for Maintenance Assessments.
Owensby, a former President and Board Director, for over 10 years, has been reappointed this year, by the Royden Board, and, we presume, by the direction of Michael Hunter and Horrack Talley t.
All memers should know that Owensby is single handedly responsible for the easement lawsuit and the RHAs’ inability to ever upgrade its’ front entrance .

Owensby has been reappointed, not elected, after spending over $190,000 on an unauthorized lawsuit and special assessment, against a member easement holder, without member approval of a single dime!,
Owensby, as President, in 2006, led a failed legal action, against the easement holders, involving changing the stucco color of silver grey to paper bag brown.
NOTE:::: The Stucco is still……..Silver Grey! The total cost to all parties in this fiasco!!!! $300,000.00……..And he is still on the Royden Board!!!!!!

After the lawsuit the prior lantern posts were removed. Rather than replace the Lanterns, the Royden Board, without member approval, per Article IV,
decided to install ORB’s…or BALLS!!!!!! Again, Without member approval!!!!! In violation of Article IV!!!
BUt wait….Why no Balls (ORB) on the easement side!!!!!!
As night follows day, the easement holders, who were forced to spend over $90,000.00 to defend themselves
against the Owensby and Hunter.Horrack Talley Attack dogs, over a three year period, DID NOT APPROVE OF THE ORBS!!!!!!!! Thus the Unwanted Legacy!

Owensby Boards are masters of deceit! Not one mention, ever made, by Owensby and his treasurer, of the lawsuits costs ($192,000.00) in any of the financial reports covering the three year period.
After 3 years, Owensby and the RHA Board announced a $190,000.00 SPECIAL ASSESSMENT!!!!!! Another violation of the simple language of Article IV.
Check it out, if you even have a copy!
Besides LOSING the lawsuit and having to pay the easement holder damages, the easement language was tightened and gave even more power to the easement property owners!

So why NO ORB on the easement holder side?????? The easement holders would not approve of it!!!!!!! And will probably never approve of ANY modification of their easement stucco Gazebo and walls!
Imagine what over $300,000.00 could have bought Royden in terms of an improved branding statement for our front entrance.
Instead, the 138 members of Royden are stuck with stucco and the Owensby ORBS!!!!!!

But who cares!!!! The apathetic Royden members apparently don’t care!!! Owensby has been reappointed several times. Once by a deceptive proxie vote and again this year through the Boards continued use of uncontested elections…Three seats…three nominees!!!!! Absurd…given the Royden history!
How else would this travesty be allowed to continue, un addressed! …………Except as exposed in our newsletters to members and blog, to the general public (!

So it is, we begin our newsletter with the ever present physical reminders of the corruption that is ROYDEN! The Owensby ORBS!!!!-An Unwanted Legacy!
Our weekly newsletters will be out soon, in particular, we will cover the 2017-2018 Assessment Process, Financial Reports and Board members selection.

As to future subjects??-Anyone know why no final tally was made of the voting and budget approval for 2017-2018?????????
As we have reported, the Annual Assessment, Per Article IV should have been……$0.00….Are they rethinking it????
Follow up articles will cover the issues raised in the 2017-2018 Annual Assessment, Financial Reports and BOD Elections.

Finally, all Royden members should take a look, as you enter the Royden Moorland Drive Entrance, at the Owensby ORB.-An unwanted Legacy…..,
and remind yourself that…………. no one is doing anything about it!!!!!!

We close with this thought to remember…….” evil triumphs… when good men do nothing “…Thomas Jefferson.

The Vexatious Litigant
Former VP on the Founding Royden HOA Board of 1987, two term President, and Treasurer until 2004.