As always, we are seeking to educate and inform our Royden neighbors and the public at large, about our advocacy in support of the individual homeowners in their “fight against HOAs’, Here’s our latest update!!!!
Finally!!!! The historically non-transparent Royden HOA, through a Board member, Ben Pleune, responds to the Counterpoint Newsletter and blog posting, “Royden HOA Illegal Covenant Amendments{.
Well, not really……the response was not very enlightening, but revealed that they “are listening” to our…..”inane rantings”!!!!!!!!
So….What did the Ben Pleune, Royden HOA Treasurer, “reply all” email, of 2/16/17, shown again below, reveal to the Counterpoint Newsletter recipients…” (Also Posted on the website). Here’s what he said and our dissecting comments!!!!!

Hi Rich,
It is not clear why you have now decided to make me the focus of your inane rantings, but to the extent that this can even be understood it is of course 100% false. I am a volunteer board member, and all of the decisions regarding our HOA are made by the Board, not by any particular member.
Our comments:
1) We are on a first name basis!!!!! I guess that’s what $6,330.00 gets me….NO THANKS!!!!!
2) He thinks he is the “focus” of the newsletters and blog!!!!!…I guess he thinks its’ about him….he missed the scandal, cover-up and corruption part!!!
3) He Characterizes our writings as “inane”…..or…silly, lacking significance or sense…….”rantings”…….violent or extravagant declamations!!!!…No supporting arguments or positions offered!!!!
4) He claims…..”Rantings” are ….100% false!!!!….Which one?.no substantiation!!!! His opinion only ….without any supporting arguments!!!! Nice Try!!!
5) He is a volunteer and part of a group called the board……..and he doesn’t make the decisions……..Sounds like…”Don’t blame me!!!!”

His silence speaks volumes…He’s pissed that his name is being attached to Roydens’ attempt at illegal amendments, exposed in a newsletter and a blog. A blog called associationbusters,com, that anyone can google his name and observe his involvement as a Royden HOA treasurer and promoter of totally “inane” covenant amendments.

You can’t believe how happy we were to see his comment going out to the entire distribution list of over 138 Royden Members and the vast internet exposure of Sunlight is a disinfectant, and both our newsletter and blog hopefully will expose the Royden Board for what they are……A ROGUE HOA!!!!!

Here’s a simple truth for all Royden Members to grasp!!!!! and….what Pleune thinks is ,,,,,,,,,,”INANE”……
The Royden HOA’s sole authority, to fix an annual assessment or power for the “Creation of a Lien and Personal Obligation” as covered in the Royden HOA website under Covenants, Controls and Restrictions. A consolidated version of these covenants can be found in the 1/18/17 posting. Outlined in these indexed items are: -Phase III-Article IV-Covenant for Maintenance Assessments-Pages 25-27 -Sections 1-10 and Phase IV-Article IV-Covenant for Maintenance Assessments-Pages 28-30. Homeowners undoubtedly do not have a copy of the governing covenants but can go to the website or our blog and understand the “CORE” issue!

Some facts!!! Pleune, a lawyer no less, and the Royden Board…surreptitiously fought Rinaldi , in court, for over 3 years and an estimated $30,000.00 in Director’s and Officers’ Liability Insurance Company legal fees. They got the court to dismiss the claim on a 12(B)(6) legal maneuver used against “pro se” plaintiffs (no attorney, self represented) arguing that a homeowner does not have a claim against an HOA for violations of the HOA covenants!!!! And…Pleune and his complicit Board, filed a suit for $6330.00 in legal fees, against Rinaldi, sanctioning him for simply asserting his rights under Article IV-Covenant for Maintenance Assessments. Justice was not served…So now we enable the resource called “PUBLIC OPINION” to combat the Royden HOA! Our Blog has had thousands of hits from folks googling the various topics covered in our blog. Here, Royden and it’s ignominious past, is in full display.
Besides sponsoring illegal covenants, Pleune, also, as treasurer, has failed to provide electronic copies of Financial Reports, for the Fiscal Years 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, as required under the Royden By-Laws and has issued doctored reports for 2015 and 2016, with incorrect Fiscal Reserve Balances and no Cash flow statements and appropriate Bank Reconciliation ending bank balances…..Clearly an attempt to cover-up apparent CASH SHORTFALLS.

In spite of this Newsletters’ repeated claims of potential significant Board members’ miss-appropriation of funds, Cash shortfalls AND FRAUD…The Board has resisted responding…until now….albeit, ineptly with Pleune’s knee jerk….”Don’t blame me”!!!!
.Certainly, if the “accusations were not true” the Royden Board could simply and readily provide the Cash Flow Statements, for the prior periods and prove……once and for all…….that the “accusations” of scandal, cover-up and corruption were truly…..”INANE RANTINGS”!!!!!!…
But this course of action is not to be! Why???? Because Royden, besides having an apathetic membership, that does not demand that simple financial accountability standards are maintained by the Royden Board, … bound by legal counsel, such as the incompetent Michael Hunter, in protecting the D&O Insurance carrier from a $300,000.00 breach of fiduciary responsibility-constructive fraud lawsuit…Of course, this statement is also a “ranting”,

WHO.????……….By the way, who is the Board, Pleune claims, are making the decisions for the Royden HOA?……besides himself! Let’s see.
Remember…….Dr. Charlton Owensby-A former multi-year President, whose boards’ were responsible for an unapproved Special Assessment for a common area project related to changing the color of the stucco walls…..Yes…He allowed to be spent, over $190,000.00 in legal fees, with another $90,000.00 spent by a member easement holder, without any approval from the members. His board spent the legal fees over a three year period and LOST! Forever condemning the Royden community from upgrading the unsightly stucco walls! Remember the prior newsletters and posting….STUCK WITH STUCCO!!!!
At the same time he, and his treasurer, repeatedly issued false financial statements, for over 3 years, that excluded any mention of monthly legal fee billings, accumulating fiscal reserves to over $25,000.00 with a covenant of only $2,888.00, with no credit issued to homeowners….all part of a cover-up to keep the severe financial exposure from the members…Again…The Royden HOA lost!!!!! To make sure the new boards’ were swayed to his perfidy, he arranged an illegal Board of Director nomination process aimed at denying the founding Presidents’ election and in a totally unscrupulous maneuver, used proxies at an annual meeting, to elect himself and Ms. Gressette….yes, the “catered party princess” to new terms as Board members….Ms Gressete and Mr….Dr. Owensby have been on this corrupt board for well over 12 years!!!!!!!……..Says something about the Royden members…right!
Folks, at some point this or future Boards are going to have to “fess up” to reality and recognize the language of Article IV-Covenant for Maintenance Assessment written into the existing covenants, that past boards have deviously overlooked. Financials must be examined and restated for the past seven years, reconciled to closing banking statements. The clouds of scandal must be removed and openness and transparency returned.
A new board is coming. Owensby, Gressette and one other or possibly two other board member positions need to be filled in May of 2017!!!!! A chance for a fresh start!!! Will Royden members demand that the covenants be followed????? We will see…But we are not very optimistic…
We may have to accept our government lying to us, but we’ll be damned if we let our neighbors lie to us!!!
The vexatious litigant