ROYDEN HOA PERFIDY-How an elite community became a ROGUE HOA!

Dear Readers, as you have probably discerned, our homeowner education and advocacy efforts have now burgeoned into all out “activism” against the “tyrannical HOAs'” that wreck havoc on the individual homeowner. As written on these pages, our activism has extended to using our blog, as well as aligning our advocacy with several local, state and national “ANTI_HOA” organizations.
The use of the term perfidy, def, a deliberate breach of faith, is intentional. As in the case of our repetitive use of “ROYDEN IS CORRUPT” and ROGUE HOA, search engines catch hold of the repetitive phrases such that googling “ROYDEN IS CORRUPT”, leads you to the website. Hopefully, after the dozens of articles (and preliminary thoughts on even a book), we will have ROYDEN PERFIDY , and ROGUE HOA, lead search engines to our website and the full throated development of the issues that will indict this undemocratic concept called the HOA.
Our objective is to develop a database of sources, topics and alignments, that will bring the issues to legislative reformers, Concerned legislators who will address the “anarchy” homeowners live under, when faced with “rogue hoas'”. Rogue HOAs’, unfortunately as characterized by the Royden Homeowners’ Association, the community we live in.
Yes, we will strive to make ROYDEN, the poster child of a Rogue HOA. Our reach will be local, regionally and Nationally, to drive home the point that quasi-governments, run by untrained volunteers, and their fee driven attorneys’, are abrogating the individual homeowners’ constitutional rights of free speech and due process, under the law.
As part of the initiative, we will be writing weekly articles, covering our over twenty year involvement with Royden. We will be chronicling our experiences from being the Vice-President on the founding board, to today, letter writing campaigns, architectural review board challenges, more money than sense, annual meeting confrontations, libelous attack from attorney Hunter, hate mail offering to sell my home, lost friendships, multiple lawsuits, sanctions etc…to finally being labeled the “vexatious litigant” by the current Royden HOA Board of Directors’. Apparently an appropriate designation and award for having served for over 7 years as VP, President and Treasurer.(See what drives us!)
The Plan will be to publish articles using the blog, make presentations at various ANTI HOA meetings, legislator meeting and media presentations. Hopefully, by SPOTLIGHTING ROYDEN, we can influence legislative action and significant reforms to an individuals right to be heard by the STATE OF NC IN A COURT OF LAW. As of today, the homeowner has NO RIGHTS, when dealing with an oppressive HOA, such as ROYDEN has proven to be.
Our articles will reveal past emails from Board members, Attorneys and members. Mostly the “lemming” members whose hateful comments form the major topic of our writings. We will hear more about “clueless”, “Dr. O”, the “yard queen”, “the mall guy:, “the social queen”, “the lawyer, no less” and many more…The seconding incident, easement lawsuit, ….but wait…lets’ not give out too much just yet!
Suffice it to say, GAME ON…..
We will continue to move articles from our blog to the newsletter. The newsletter will remain an open distribution architecture. That is, all recipients of the newsletter will be visible. Accordingly, each reader will have the ability to voice a comment with a “reply all” button. At no time will the writer debate a response, as what was submitted by the former secretary of ROYDEN. Unsubscribe requests will be honored and readers are encouraged to forward our newsletter to others and encourage additional readers.
UPDATE: The Royden Board has NOT as of 10-25-16:
Published Current and Past Financial Statements for the past 7 years.
Addressed the over $17,000.00 of CASH SHORTFALL in 2016
Addressed Incidents of Board of Director Miss=Appropriation of Funds
Credited each member with 10% Contingency Reserve for over 10 years.
Answered three Certified Letters from Rinaldi.
Commissioned an immediate AUDIT of all Financial Reports
Dissolved the Board and called a SPECIAL MEETING
to recover over $350K from the D&O Insurance Carrier.
However, they have:
RECEIVED $6,330.00 SANCTIONS CHECK FROM RINALDI (makes lawn queen happy)
Remember: “We may have to accept the Government lying to us, but we’ll be damned if we let our neighbors lie to us”

Vexatious Litigant