“If you don’t like my using my personal email and the Royden email list to email a personal solicitation announcement, CALL THE POLICE!!!-Jon Nance Royden President!!!! 10-14-16
The following stream of emails, displays the abuse of HOA power when an HOA President, attempts to use his personal email account for a mailing to all Royden HOA members, to advance a personal solicitation request of a “cookie” sale in the neighborhood.
What the stream displays is the individuals’ total lack of understanding of Roberts’ Rules of Order related to the Board of Directors and Presidents’ role in a non-profit organization, the fundamental purpose of the HOA (Common Area Maintenance and Architectural Control), his personal anger at being challenged and lack of sensitivity and consideration of another members concerns about miss-use of the office of president (albeit it is noted that a strong adversary relationship does exist).
While the President is venturing into a personal need for “power of influence” to assist (like his call for a Time Warner Cable initiative he would lead) an obvious personal relationship, disregards that there are 138 other members that have causes that they would want equal time, in the use of the HOA email list. The so called “President is untrained, does not understand his duties and doesn’t know that the HOA does not exist for this personal endeavor or purpose.
The President was out of order, did not understand his role and did not understand that the complainer, also a member, has rights that a “president” should address.
Note the issue of email use was not addressed nor was the statement of the correct Board process addressed. Also, Royden does not have an operative email to address to the Board,,, is not operational and should be the ONLY email shown on the website or used!!!!!
What resulted was a curt reply, indicating that the complaining member should “contact the police”. Incompetence confirmed…Recall, this same “President” lied in an affidavit about knowing the covenants and the existence of annual financial reports.
Immaturity, power tripping and a lack of understanding of what HOA responsibility entails and the professional conduct it demands.
Most HOA reform lobbying efforts by and other States have Board of Director training as a fundamental reform….
In this case “PRESIDENT NANCE (he likes the title) would be well served in obtaining this training….Here’s the email stream including the one to the RHA attorney:
1) On Oct 13, 2016, at 10:24 PM, Jon Nance < wrote: Dear Neighbors, The Britton family will be selling cookies on Sunday October 16, from 4:00 pm to 6:00 pm, at the corner of Moorland Drive and Kingsmeade Court. Proceeds will go to FARE (Food Allergy Research & Education). FARE works on behalf of the 15 million Americans with food allergies, including all those at risk for life-threatening anaphylaxis. FARE’s mission is to improve the quality of life and the health of individuals with food allergies, and to provide them hope through the promise of new treatments. Please stop by for some delicious cookies! Thank you for your support! Message from Royden Homeowners Association Inc: Mailing List: Royden To reply to the sender of this message, you can reply directly to this mail message. Or, you can use this link: reply to the sender of this message 2 ) From: R Rinaldi >
Date: October 14, 2016 at 4:05:27 AM EDT
To: Jon Nance < Cc: Keith Nichols < Subject: Re: Cookie Sale to Benefit Food Allergy Research this Sunday Your email address will be blocked from future use. Solicitations are prohibited in Royden. Pls chk the sign at the front entrances. I am again forwarding your email to the president of Royden. Which I believe you serve in that capacity as well as Keith Nichols the Royden Attorney. I will not accept any email from you or the Royden board on any subject matter and demand this or any other email you may use for purposes of contacting me, be removed from Royden data bases. Richard A Rinaldi Sent from my iPhone 3) To board of directors: Mr Nance as president is the Chairman of the Board and as such sets the agenda and chairs the meetings. Accordingly any communication to the community must come from the board, be approved by the board and signed by the chairman. Please provide minutes that show that Mr Nance had approval for the solicitation efforts he engaged in relating to the cookie sale. Also note my demand that he not use the Royden roster with any email address assigned to me. Also note Royden covenants dictate USPS mailing for all Annual assessments. I Hv sent 2 Certified letters asking as to the status Certification of payment per Article IV of the 2016 Annual Assessment and have yet to receive the return receipt verification. I await your timely response to my requests. Richard A. Rinaldi Sent from my iPhone 4 ) Begin forwarded message: The police have advised us that we should contact them anytime we feel threatened by solicitors in our neighborhood. They promised they would respond appropriately. Jon Nance, General Manager ph0ne: 704-965-6576 | NASDAQ: PRFT | 5) Pls visit where you can find this email exchange and another confirmation of your incompetence! How's ur cable initiative going? Vexatious litigant-Rich Rinaldi 6) To Keith Nichols-RHA AttorneyPls be advised that I sent the Royden Board an email with a cc to you, The Royden email was returned as assigned to KC Brechnitz and non-deliverable signed R. Rinaldi