Disturbingly, a Homeowner has NO recourse under the LAW against oftimes tyrannical and despotic actions of “volunteer” boards. Here is definitve piece on the subject of a HOA HALL OF SHAME….A process where Homeowners complaints can be compiled by a State agency, or even better, Small Claims Courts to be allowed to hear “CONTRACT LAW CLAIMS” made by Homeowners against an HOA…..SOMEDAY!!!

We need an “HOA Hall of Shame” affiliated and reported on by every news stations in countless locales in America. First, and foremost, Monroe County, Pennsylvania, and possibly other areas of Pennsylvania also, I believe and may be warranted. Too, in MD, NJ, MA, RI, CT, NH, VA, NC, SC, GA, FL, TN, MS, AL, TX, NM, AZ, CO, MN, MO, WI, MI, CA, WA, OR, and any other states with the HOA homeowner horrors, hell’s, fraudulent foreclosures and property thefts and legal and judicial abuses have been and are ongoing for years and our elected officials, although most all know, have pretty much done absolutely nothing! Even, in states where they know those of certain household status’ are being targeted specifically, so not only are these innocent and unsuspecting HOA homeowners victims of all the frauds upon the courts, financial crimes, illegal slapp and fabricated lawsuits, legal and judicial abuses and injustices and property thefts, but the additional egregious and malicious motives by some in these criminal HOA syndicates are to traffic the victims as well! Some legislators in some states have known for years and done absolutely nothing although, it appears, some have “known,” or “heard”!

Why are our elected officials and those in our courts and legal systems not being held accountable for allowing these HOA crimes, HOA homeowner horrors and hell’s and the range of HOA criminality to endure? Is it because of who some of the perpetrators may be, or who they know? If this is the case, it should even more of a number #1 priority for HOA reform and accountability across America, don’t you think?
Thank you to Darcy Spears of KTNV, in Las Vegas, Nevada for another great HOA Hall of Shame report!
A little “history” on Jonathan Friedrich: Jonathan is a former Governor (Sandavol) appointed Commissioner for the Nevada Commission for Interest Common Interests Communities and Condominium Hotels under the Nevada Real Estate Commission (NRED). Jonathan is also running for the Nevada State Senate for the Libertarian party in State Senate District 3. See: www.friedrichforsd3.com

He is an incredible man and a tireless advocate for HOA homeowners in Nevada and across America!
“Friedrich followed a decades-old paper trail and found proof that homeowners in unit one were never officially part of the HOA.
A few have never paid the now $200 monthly assessments. Others opted to join the HOA. And then, there’s Friedrich.” ab