From recent Royden Counterpoint Newsletter:
Hello Folks, hope you have had a great summer.
We begin our new season of newsletters with a report on our work with the Wall Street Journal editorial staff on their “Neighbor vs. Neighbor” series that began with the Friday July 29, 2016 issue in the Mansion section written by Katy McLaughlin. Check it out, we believe it was well done and instructive.
As our homeowner education and advocacy efforts extend to the general public, we have had phone and email conversations with Ms. MsLaughlin about the “SCANDAL, COVERUP AND CORRUPTION” that has taken place over the past ten years at the Royden subdivision of Southeast Charlotte. All things considered, to conclude ROYDEN IS CORRUPT!!!…Google it!
The Wall Street Journal “Neighbor vs. Neighbor” series deals with “Tiffs between homeowners (and HOA’s)that can escalate into bruising, legal, financial and emotional combat”. Royden was in the running for the first article that the editor stated dealt with” a cautionary tale for homeowners that choose to participate in a community with an HOA without strict governance over its litigation pursuits”.
Ms. McLaughlin talks about neighborhoods and issues such as “private governments”. “war zones”, “stupid litigation”, “arguments about bush heights”, “sanctions against members”, “soured neighborhood” and “difficulty selling homes”. Sounds like Royden. What we believed would get Royden in the maiden article was that Royden miss spent over $300,000.00 in their “STUPID” lawsuit which ended up in costing the HOA control of future capital improvements to the front entrances. We also include a section, STUCK WITH STUCCO…to highlight that the dumb HOA was so shortsighted to sue the easement holder that controlled the front entrance. The easement holder would not cave to the fee hungry lawyers who taught they would crush them with legal fees and they would roll over. There is something about principled homeowners who value principal over money and they spent $90,000.00 and won a $15,000.00 settlement. Now the Royden members will be STUCK WITH STUCCO, and no ORB and the resultant diminishment in property values…..Thanks DOC!!!!! You can’t make up for your incompetence with flowers!!!!!!
The Wall Street Journal article has all of the elements of the Royden “SCANDAL, COVER-UP AND CORRUPTION” saga we have been reporting to you over the past 4 years. The HOA member in the article, arguing with the HOA, has a website, just like (associationbusters.com) and is an activist working against HOA’s . He argues “HOAs’ hand too much power to board members and jeopardize property rights”. Exactly the model that Counterpoint has been advocating for years.
Similarly, the homeowner in the dispute found that the HOA had failed to properly administer the covenants of the HOA because of an “oversight” in the old developer documents. Same as Royden!!!!The courts now have the issue and the Homeowner even was able to sanction the HOA for deliberately holding back info. Unfortunately NC laws must be changed for Homeowners to get rights to bring HOA;s to court…Also covered in the associationbusters.com blog.
Attached please find the litany of violations that the Royden Board has committed in violation of clear covenants and NC Law. The list will be posted on the blog under SPOTLIGHT ROYDEN!!!
We hope to present future articles in the Counterpoint series as well as in the blog to educate members and the general public that “ROYDEN IS CORRUPT”.
Future Royden homebuyers inevitably have issues of interest with how the Board administers the all important covenants and issues such as “stupid” litigation involving the front easement costing members nearly $300,000.00 over 4 years, failure to abide by “old covenants” as in the Article IV-Covenant for Maintenance assessments, improper annual assessments, miss-use of fiscal reserves, limited board of director openings, tainted voting procedures/manipulation and constructive fraud and breach of fiduciary responsibility.
The WSJ writer was amazed to hear that the Royden HOA had deliberately failed to issue multiple years of financial information and had failed to master the simple check book balancing task of reconciling the beginning and ending bank statement balances. Slick D&O attorneys outsmarted the pro’se litigant and won a sanction of $6,300.00 payable Sept. 1. The Board has been asked to settle the suit and drop the sanctions and the negative public relations campaign will end once Article IV-Covenant for Maintenance Assessments if followed….Their ANSWER….NO! Attorneys don’t make money settling suits!!!!
A members’ several lawsuits were unable to get the BOD to answer his questions concerning their failure to properly implement Article IV-Covenant for Maintenance assessments and attempted to get Royden to answer the questions with a jury trial. The RHA D&O attorneys fought over 2 years, without the board informing the members. Royden then sanctioned the member for $6,300.00 , led by a fraudulent affidavit from the current President.
As the current president recently noted, the new board “cast lots” and elected him president .An appropriate Freudian slip analogy and biblical reference. Casting lots appropriately defines what the Royden board can be expected to do, knowing their evil history. The new “clueless” president and the inept treasurer (the guy who can’t balance a checkbook), the corrupt Dr.($300,000.00 wasted and he’s still allowed to be influencing RHA policy) and the apparently irreplaceable social secretary (has served, or shall we say, self-served, for over 12 years) will now be our targets in future editions of the newsletter and blog.
Stay tuned, it should be interesting.
Noteworthy is that the Board consists of property owners who have lived in Royen less than 10 years and have no understanding (or respect) for the documents and the history of the neighborhood. Also, they apparently can’t read or balance a checkbook!!!!! That’s what can be expected from an apathetic, disinterested membership who find it easier to write a check than to read their covenants.
Not only will we continue to pursue the Wall Street Journal publication for an expose’ on the Royden corruption, but we continue to send our newsletters to Mr. Norwood of the Charlotte Observer as well as Mr. Hunter. Yes, he should be interested in knowing how a rogue HOA can develop when apathetic neighbors fail to exert fundamental controls and oversight of the all important covenants (which U suspect no one has ever read.
By the way, as the new president noted, the covenants are continually being discussed as requiring consolidation….NEWSFLASH….They already have been consolidated in 2004 and typed in 2011.
We again attach them for your awareness and use to compare against what you may receive from the BOD in the near future>
BEWARE…… Don’t let this board try to pull another fast one by telling you their lawyers have “consolidated” the covenants, THEY CAN’T! They can not reveal to you that Article IV is the Covenant for Maintenance Assessments…..THEY HAVE NOT BEEN FOLLOWING IT FOR OVER 12 YEARS so they will try to finesse something by the members under the guise that their attorneys had done the work!!!!!…
The Newsletter was originally created to spotlight the miss-appropriated funds but has now been driven by the need to STOP any changes to the covenants that do not comport to ARTICLE IV-COVENANT FOR MAINTENANCE ASSESSMENTS!!!
Look for upcoming articles on the subject matter of ROYDEN IS CORRUPT in our newsletter and blog at associationbusters.com. As evidenced by the extensive violations list in the attachment, we have a lot to discuss with our neighbors and general public.
Sincerely and regretfully,……………………………………………………………We may be powerless when our government LIES to us, but we’ll be damned if we will let our neighbors LIE to us!!!!!