Here is a recent newsletter involving an Attorney Driven Cover-up in the Royden Community.
See if any issues are relatable to yout HOA.
Neighbors, our homeowner education and advocacy efforts, continue, undaunted, in spite of the
costly economic sanctions ($6,300.00), personal expenses and time commitment required
to expose the illegal activities of the Royden Homeowners Association and the D&O Liability
Insurance carriers’ directing their administration of RHA covenants.

The current board is executing an imposed COVER-UP of past and ongoing violations to our By-Laws and Covenants.
We have developed a blog, for public use, specifically directed at the ROYDEN ATTORNEY DRIVEN COVERUP issue.
Visit to monitor the situation and the general issues involved.
Also, we hope you will soon be seeing an article in the Charlotte Observers’ Home/Design
weekly news section and Letters to the Editor.
Remember, Counterpoint is exposing ILLEGAL activity, as unfortunate as it may be, for the Royden
Community. Only by shining a spotlight on it, will the behavior be confronted and hopefully remediated in a timely manner.
Here is a summary of the ILLEGAL/UNAPPROVED activity we covered in prior newsletters.
1)Violations to Article IV-Covenant for maintenance assessments for over 10 years.
2)Annual Assessments over the Maximum $210.00/year for over 10 years.
3)Failure to give the 10% Contingency reserve credit to each member for over 10 years.
4)Failure to limit Annual Assessment expenses to ONLY COMMON AREA MAINTENANCE for 10 years.
5)Failure to get approval for SPECIAL ASSESSMENTS for over 10 years.(ie Social, signage, legal fees)
6)Imposing a $197,000.00 Legal Fees Special Assessment without approval in 2009. (Easement Member Holders legal fees $90,000.00)
7)Failure to provide Financial Information from 2010-2014 and masking possible broad miss-appropriation of funds in 2012-2015.
8)Seeking to amend by-laws and covenants without formal resolutions and proper voting rules.
9)Amending By-Laws by voting manipulation.
10) Loss of control of front entrance easement modifications by alienating easement holders with unapproved and costly legal action.
11)Imposing sanctions on a member (suit for improper annual assessment process) without full membership involvement, refusing ADR and jury review of member suit by jury.
12)Failure to meet the notification process for Annual Assessments of May 1, with all collection due by May 31
13)Failure to credit members $244.65 in May 2015 and now a credit of $210.00 in 2016 for an Annual Assessment of $0.00 still undefined.
14) Rigging Board nomination process for repeat terms of ATTORNEY friendly nominees.
15)Failure to record voting by phase.
16)Attempt at Covenant Revisions to revert to a Board dictated fining powers 47F type HOA in lieu of previously completed Consolidated Covenant Documents.
17)Repeated reconstruction of an obsolete, antiquated front entrance structures without approval.
18) Use of email for Annual Assessments rather than USPS as required.
19) Lack of transparency, closed meetings, meeting minutes and books and records.
20) Ad hominem attack on dissenting member by attorney and board.
Again, many of the 20 items listed are violations of North Carolina Law under GS 55A and 47F
and….. all are violations of the Royden By-Laws and Covenants as outlined in the Royden HOA Website
Follow our blog and certainly make your voice known to the RHA by attending the Annual Meeting, yet to be announced.
With seven open Board positions in this years’ election, Royden members can remove attorney friendly directors,
once and for all and begin a new era of law abiding annual assessments and administration of consolidated covenants
Sincerely but regretfully, Richard A. Rinaldi