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Association Busters is a website, blog and HOA Review consolidating tool – to educate, inform and seek valuable HOA evaluation information, to be used by subscribers and visitors in their fight against HOA abuses and oft times, unlawful enforcement of HOA governing documents. As our theme indicates, the Association Busters’ mission is to be a forum for individual homeowners, as they seek to understand how to navigate the complicated maze for HOA grievance resolution.

With our motto, “WHO’YA GONNA CALL” we hope to be a prime sounding board for individual homeowners’ as they visit our monthly meetings, face book page, rallies and advocacy blog, seeking assistance in their HOA disputes.

At present, HOA grievance resolution is an abandoned democratic issue. All governing bodies have not developed an appropriate “no cost” venue for the hearing and adjudication of homeowner monetary and non-monetary issues. Whether it be the Attorney Generals’ Office, Small Claims Court, District Court or the Legislative Bodies, the pursuit of justice is an orphan and given to the dictatorial control by the HOA and their attorneys.

Our Advocacy Page will deal with timely topics to direct the homeowners to useful links and dispute resolution alternatives. Our HOA Review Page will provide the Homeowner a vehicle to “VENT” about their particular HOA and receive comments back concerning possible resolution tools to employ in the future. The HOA will then be on record, on file, for future visitors to understand the plight of members of the target HOA. Our Useful Links page will direct the subscriber to other relevant contributors, so as to allow the reader to gather an understanding of the national scope of the “un-democratic system” called HOAs’

The “END GAME” of Association Busters’, besides the Blog and HOA Review features, will be to assemble and aggregate the various HOA Reviews for eventual submittal to various Legislators. Our Goal will be to work with other HO advocacy groups for the eventual amendment of House Bill 278 GS 7A-38.3F. Our goal is to amend and expand the bill so as to make alternative dispute resolution mandatory and to include provisions that allow assessment and monetary issues to be included in the new law.

With the channeling of our accumulative efforts, we hope to gradually and persistently, to turn the tide against the frivolous and egregious miss-use of power by uninformed, untrained and misdirected neighbors called Board of Directors and their self-serving lawyers. Member apathy will be targeted by individually designed newsletters, if feasible, as well as open access to Social Media and the Association Busters’ Story. Hopefully our efforts will empower the individual home owner/member in their lonely pursuit of justice and equitable remedies under the law.

We trust you will find our efforts useful and look forward to a mutually rewarding collaboration as ASSOCIATION BUSTERS’ strives to be the Homeowners first choice to call when needing help in their fight against HOAs’.


Legal Disclaimer The information contained in this written or electronic communication, and our associated web sites and blog, is provided as a service to the Internet community, and does not constitute legal advice. We try to provide quality information, but we make no claims, promises or guarantees about the accuracy, completeness, or adequacy of the information contained in or linked to this web site and its associated sites. As legal advice must be tailored to the specific circumstances of each case, and laws are constantly changing, nothing provided herein should be used as a substitute for the advice of competent counsel.



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  1. Pauline Turski
    at ·

    My story in a NorCal HOA
    I live in an HOA 25 miles outside of Yosemite. It’s a beautiful area to live with hiking and outdoor sports year round. I have lived here for 20 years and 14 of those years were part time. However, once I moved to my home permanently and got involved with local issues and then elected to the board in 2016, I have faced nothing but harassment and bullying.

    In January 2018, I was sexually harassed by an unlicensed contractor building a spec house across the street from me. I was on the board at this time, but never used my board position as any kind of leverage and went through the normal process of reporting violations he made – as did the neighbors. Numerous times this contractor blocked me by parking in my own driveway so I couldn’t get in or out. After the third time, I finally started the formal process of reporting him to our Environmental Control Committee (ECC). This contractor also had construction violations and built his home without any of the ECC approvals. He eventually had a stop order by the county and ECC. During neighbor hearings on his request to build outside of ECC spec, I attended as a neighbor along with four other neighbors. Many other neighbors mailed in their input and one refused to attend as she feared the contractor and that he might retaliate.

    The sexual harassment involved lewd crude comments saying “You’re a f—ing bitch, I’m a dick, come and get it” while grabbing his crotch. I reported the incident to the HOA GM. The GM replied to my email stating that he would talk with the contractor. The next morning I received an email from the GM stating that he and the contractor (his friend by the way) spoke – at our member amenity at the bar! I was told that I provoked the incident. I had just had a minor surgical procedure so certainly didn’t look provocative or feel upbeat in any way.
    About two weeks later, two other women later came forward to tell me of a similar experience. They felt more comfortable telling me, a female board member, rather than the all male board. I reported what these two women told me to the entire board and GM, but did not reveal their names. This time I included the video for all to see and hear. The GM responded with “The Association and its Board of directors is not the appropriate agency….”. The board president (also a CHP officer) responded with “Again, this is not a PMLA issue. I would strongly encourage you to not involve the board in this matter. Don’t bring unnecessary liability to the HOA”.

    According to Davis-Stirling, the legal entity over community developments in California, states: “Effective October 14, 2016, the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) established regulations requiring all housing providers take steps to end harassment. The regulation includes homeowner associations as a housing provider. (Code of Fed. Reg. §100.7(a)(1)(iii).) No longer can boards tell feuding neighbors that the association will not get involved in neighbor-to-neighbor disputes. If one of them files a complaint with the association of harassment, the board must investigate and take appropriate action.”
    I eventually filed a lawsuit which I was later forced to drop with threats from the defendant’s attorney saying “she will pay and pay dearly if this case proceeds”. My attorney advised me to drop the case in November of 2019. Sadly, the judge never even looked at the video! Worse, the board president/CHP officer took to social media mocking this case allowing his group of supporters to continuously post false information.

    I submitted my board resignation on January 20, 2019, one day after our monthly board meeting and executive meeting. Once again, the board added an agenda item to the executive session at the last minute instead of the two days required by CA law (Davis-Stirling, Civ. Code § 4920(b)(2)); the addition to the board agenda was my sexual harassment case. The all male board demanded information about the sexual harassment case. My attorney advised me not to speak and/or share information. I never did yet the misinformation seemed to pour out onto social media.

    During this month, I’ve had two demands via a letter from the HOA attorney. The first asked me to turn over all evidence and asked that I stop posting on social media. I replied that this has all been smeared on social media by the board president and reminded the attorney that the board already had all the evidence. I also copied the attorney with the GM and board president’s responses they had sent me via email. The second letter implied that the HOA investigated with “reasonable findings” and insisted I provide the names of the other two women who were sexually harassed. I replied stating that it was up to the women to come forward. They are afraid of retaliation as they see what happened with me. I also asked for the “reasonable findings” report as I never got anything from the HOA. I have no idea who was spoken to, when, and steps to remedy the sexual harassment.

    Despite this case being dropped via the legal system, I am continuing to inform our community via social media and word of mouth. There are loopholes in HOAs and sexual harassment that must be fixed and I will use whatever help I can get.

    I have written letters to state legislatures on this loophole problem and our district representative has reached out to discuss my situation with a promise of trying to get this on the agenda to improve the process within an HOA. I intend to follow up.
    I am preparing letters to send to every member of Congress and ask to reform sexual harassment and ask why there is a one year statute of limitations for HUD to conduct an investigation in an HOA. It makes no sense.
    I already teach a computer workshop to seniors in the community and am working with the county DA and Sheriff to teach a cyberbully class. It is scheduled to happen in April.

    I am posting frequently on social media about sexual harassment and what to do, what steps to take, etc

    I am now writing letters to media sources. This story cannot be buried as the HOA and board would like it to happen.

  2. Angela Barnes
    Angela Barnes
    at ·

    We have a disabled child and a disabled adult in our home so we put up a carport so they could get in and out of vehicles. The Brook Valley Homeowners Association claimed to try to meet with us. They made an appointment but never showed up I guess lying helps their cause. They sent a letter giving us 15 days to remove said carport. Their president George Fenich fenichg@suddenlink.net has no compassion for the disabled, I have a right to my opinion. It is a shame that jerks in a free country can harass the disabled.

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