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Association Busters is a website, blog and HOA Review consolidating tool – to educate, inform and seek valuable HOA evaluation information, to be used by subscribers and visitors in their fight against HOA abuses and oft times, unlawful enforcement of HOA governing documents. As our theme indicates, the Association Busters’ mission is to be a forum for individual homeowners, as they seek to understand how to navigate the complicated maze for HOA grievance resolution.

With our motto, “WHO’YA GONNA CALL” we hope to be a prime sounding board for individual homeowners’ as they visit our monthly meetings, face book page, rallies and advocacy blog, seeking assistance in their HOA disputes.

At present, HOA grievance resolution is an abandoned democratic issue. All governing bodies have not developed an appropriate “no cost” venue for the hearing and adjudication of homeowner monetary and non-monetary issues. Whether it be the Attorney Generals’ Office, Small Claims Court, District Court or the Legislative Bodies, the pursuit of justice is an orphan and given to the dictatorial control by the HOA and their attorneys.

Our Advocacy Page will deal with timely topics to direct the homeowners to useful links and dispute resolution alternatives. Our HOA Review Page will provide the Homeowner a vehicle to “VENT” about their particular HOA and receive comments back concerning possible resolution tools to employ in the future. The HOA will then be on record, on file, for future visitors to understand the plight of members of the target HOA. Our Useful Links page will direct the subscriber to other relevant contributors, so as to allow the reader to gather an understanding of the national scope of the “un-democratic system” called HOAs’

The “END GAME” of Association Busters’, besides the Blog and HOA Review features, will be to assemble and aggregate the various HOA Reviews for eventual submittal to various Legislators. Our Goal will be to work with other HO advocacy groups for the eventual amendment of House Bill 278 GS 7A-38.3F. Our goal is to amend and expand the bill so as to make alternative dispute resolution mandatory and to include provisions that allow assessment and monetary issues to be included in the new law.

With the channeling of our accumulative efforts, we hope to gradually and persistently, to turn the tide against the frivolous and egregious miss-use of power by uninformed, untrained and misdirected neighbors called Board of Directors and their self-serving lawyers. Member apathy will be targeted by individually designed newsletters, if feasible, as well as open access to Social Media and the Association Busters’ Story. Hopefully our efforts will empower the individual home owner/member in their lonely pursuit of justice and equitable remedies under the law.

We trust you will find our efforts useful and look forward to a mutually rewarding collaboration as ASSOCIATION BUSTERS’ strives to be the Homeowners first choice to call when needing help in their fight against HOAs’.


Legal Disclaimer The information contained in this written or electronic communication, and our associated web sites and blog, is provided as a service to the Internet community, and does not constitute legal advice. We try to provide quality information, but we make no claims, promises or guarantees about the accuracy, completeness, or adequacy of the information contained in or linked to this web site and its associated sites. As legal advice must be tailored to the specific circumstances of each case, and laws are constantly changing, nothing provided herein should be used as a substitute for the advice of competent counsel.



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  1. Cynthia
    at ·

    10.17.16 – Andy Ostrowski, Pennsylvania Civil Rights Law Network – Re: Judicial Reform in PA +

    1.) Why Do Pennsylvania’s Courts Suffer From Chronic Scandal, thelegalintelligence​r.com and 2.) Litigation Vortex, by Linda L. Kennedy, Esq.

    HOA homeowners, HOA advocates, HOA victims, HOA health professionals, HOA authors, HOA homeowner attorneys, all elected officials and all members of the press please see the two article below.

    There is no place greater for the HOA homeowner horrors and hell’s and the legal and judicial involvement in the criminality, corruption, frauds upon the courts, and HOA property thefts than areas of Pennsylvania, like Monroe County, Pennsylvania in my opinion. Those unsuspectingly vulnerable, or fraudulently forced into vulnerability due to the frauds upon the courts, slapp, HOA board and attorney criminality and more are the first to be victimized. Innocent women have no rights in the courts, no rights to protection of the laws, no rights to due process and no right to own property, or other as those in power see it and they secretly allow and assist in the carrying out of these crimes, discrimination, injustices, frauds upon the courts, extortion, legal and judicial abuses and property thefts.

    The disabled and elders and those with a lot of equity and upstanding HOA homeowners of character and conviction are also the attractive victims for these predators and they have gotten away with their crimes, injustices and property thefts for years due to the judicial corruption, judicial dehumanization of women and children and the second class personhood status of women and children when one of their “wacko well connected,” wants what you have, or wants you and your children probably also. Women have been advised of this “practice” in the court system and apparently “they have known since 1962…” Well, isn’t the state and county responsible for telling innocent and unsuspecting HOA homeowners and home buyers “this is the way it is.” There is no warning and no advance notice and no contractual basis for this discrimination, misogyny, bigotry and criminality.

    What has been allowed to endure in the gender/family status and/or age, or disability based, or other based HOA criminality, range of HOA homeowner abuses and frauds upon the courts and HOA property thefts, and especially in areas of the country like Monroe County, Pennsylvania deplorable, disgraceful and inexcusable! All those involved need to be held accountable, especially those in the courts and legal profession, HOA boards, banksters and all others, no matter who they are, or who they know! This is long, long, long overdue!

    1.) Via Andy Ostrowski


    “There is No Better Place for a Judicial Reform Agenda Than Pennsylvania

    I certainly have some ideas about this.” AO

    Why Do Pennsylvania’s Courts Suffer From Chronic Scandal

    Pennsylvania has the dubious distinction of being home to one of the most notorious judicial crimes in U.S. history. But five years after the masterminds beh…


    1 Comment


    Kathleen Bonk


    Kathleen Bonk KIDS FOR CA$H courthouse in Wilkes-Barre, Pa…is still froth with corruption…..and what about those filthy lawyers who still practice there that watched poor kids being abused and did nothing…..STEVE FLOOD (is my hero) this man fought when all the rest took bribes, committed bribery, or tucked there tails between their legs…………

    2.) Via Andy Ostrowski


    The “Litigation Vortex”

    People who have been through the process relate intuitively with the points made in this article. People who haven’t, have a cognitive …dissonance over it. The vast majority of people are in the latter group.

    The aim of all my professional and political efforts is to educate the latter to understand the experience of the former, and to recognize that we are all affected by an effectively functioning system of justice, as the disciplinary arm of our society.

    I am not saying that justice fails in every instance, but when it does, there is a pain that is unlike anything else in the human experience, because it is a severance of the bond between man and his or her creator.

    Without justice, there is no peace, and without peace, there is chaos.

    See More

    Holodeck Law — Litigation Vortex by Linda L. Kennedy, Esq.

    Once you understand and accept that there exists a “Litigation Vortex,” and that you can either be sucked or suckered into it, you also need to know what the rules are so you can survive, or perhaps occasionally thrive once you are trapped in its clutches.


  2. Royden Counterpoint
    Royden Counterpoint
    at ·

    Hi Rich,

    It is not clear why you have now decided to make me the focus of your inane rantings, but to the extent that this can even be understood it is of course 100% false. I am a volunteer board member, and all of the decisions regarding our HOA are made by the Board, not by any particular member.


    S. Benjamin Pleune

  3. Holographicsci
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  4. Cutterljt
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  5. Claudia Lakes
    Claudia Lakes
    at ·

    The HOA president lives next door to me. His wife chooses to photo my dog who always barks at them. I suspect they plan to document and fine me for dog barking. Is there anything I can do ? Ombudsman mediation? Help please

  6. Claudia Lakes
    Claudia Lakes
    at ·

    Hi there is more. These people broke into my home. So far only a book is missing. They also have security cameras pointed at my doors n windows. I believe they placed listening devices and cameras in my home but haven’t found anything yet. I know this because their equipment is wired wrong and sometimes I can hear them. Suggestions?

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